My products are mainly in the olive sector. I produce in an organic system, always looking for solutions that are compatible with the surrounding environment. I transform my products in respect of the potential of the varieties of cultivated plants: the cultivar. I try to enhance their power and taste. The extra virgin olive oil from organic farming comes from olives harvested at the beginning of maturation, veraison, and transformed with contemporary methods, designed to protect the antioxidants which extra virgin olive oils are rich.


Also table olives are grown and processed with the same attention. I chose to process using the natural method, taking several months for sweetening (methodology that involves the processing of olives allowing emigration of the antioxidants responsible for the bitter taste from olives to brine), but highlighting the typical organoleptic characteristics of the variety processed.


To do this I use a natural sea salt, dried by the wind and the sun: natural sea salt from Trapani and Paceco Sea Reserve.

prodotti olio olive agrumi

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

ORIGINE ITALIA (Italian Origin):
Grown, processed and bottled in Italy.

Cultivar used:
100% Nocellara M.
100% Grossa di Cassano

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Cold extraction: at a temperature contained between 22 ° C and 27 ° C.

Packaged in a protective atmosphere: inside the package oxygen has been replaced with nitrogen in order to slow down the oxidative processes and prolong the maintenance of the organoleptic qualities.


Store in cool, dry place away from light and heat. After use, it is recommended to quickly close the package in order to slow down the oxidative processes.

The antioxidants contained in the olive oil, polyphenols, are sensitive to:
- Light
- Heat
- Oxygen.
For this reason, if we want to preserve them, you should pay attention to:

LIGHT: Extra virgin olive oil is light sensitive, so we use a dark glass bottle. Once the bottle is opened, you should avoid the pouring in transparent containers.

HEAT: When using it do not place the olive oil near heat sources such as ovens and stoves. After use is recommended to store in a cool, dry place. Also avoid places too cold.

OXYGEN: After use, always close the package. It's better to keep this good habit even when the product is used more than once, while cooking or during a meal.

Reached veraison time you can start harvesting. It is entirely by hand, the operator only helps with the typical collection combs in plastic. We don't use mechanical combs. The equipments are prepared beforehand to ensure proper cleaning.

At the end of the collection, nets are washed with hot water and stored under vacuum. During collection the operator does not smoke or eat over the nets and pays special care not to crush the olives.

In addition to nets (perforated and washable) and combs, we use (for transport) boxes perforated made of hard, washable plastic. It is essential that the olives are transported in containers which ensure proper ventilation.

Punctuality on the transformation is guaranteed by the miller, thanks to a previous planning. It takes place every afternoon within an hour from the end of the collection (because of the time of loading \ unloading and transport to the mill). The transformation occurs in a crusher that uses a method of processing called “continuous cycle” with a three-phase decanter. After this phase the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks under controlled atmosphere (oxygen is replaced with nitrogen). Oil is transfered and filtered two times and finally comes packaged in dark glass bottles from 0.50 liters in controlled atmosphere.

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Cultivar used:

- Bella di Cerignola

- Nocellara M.

- Carolea

- Grossa di cassano

Packaging various measures.


Natural sea salt from Trapani and Paceco Sea Reserve

The sea salt from Trapani and Paceco Sea Reserve is extracted through a process of natural drying. Retrieved by Consorzio Sale Natura, it retains excellent organoleptic qualities due to its low sodium content and its high salt content, with traces of magnesium, potassium and iodine.

Produced in the coastal zone that stretches up from Trapani to Marsala, Trapani natural sea salt is a Slow Food Presidium thanks to the efforts of the Consorzio Sale Natura Contrada Nubia, Erice, Trapani.

The consortium brings together four producers who have signed the rigid production rules necessary to access the consortium itself.

The salt is produced by specific artisans and dried naturally in the salt marshes of the homonymous Nature Reserve with the same techniques and methods already in use in the area since the time of the Phoenicians.


The olives are picked by hand, one by one, and placed in baskets made of hard plastic. During a second step the baskets are emptied into big crates also made of perforated hard plastic.

At the end of the collection, the boxes are transported to the precessing plant. The olives are weighed and balanced.

The calibration includes the classification of the olives according to their diameter. The results of the calibration see the olives placed in polyethylene drums. Finally the drums, according to the method of natural processing, are filled with water and salt (brine).

The sweetening, which is the migration process of the antioxidants responsible for the bitter taste from olives to brine, ends after several months from collection. After the procedure, the product is packaged.

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-Bella di Cerignola

-Nocellara M.


-Grossa di cassano

Clementine - Cultivar Clementina comune

APIRENO: fruit without seeds


The logo was able to express two basic concepts in the emotional space of the manufacturer: the uniqueness of love for his work and a deep respect for those who consume its fruits. Looking at the logo carefully you may notice that the drawing was made with the intent to simulate a drop of oil that flows down from the bottle. This drop goes thus forming a profile of a man, symbolizing the profile of Gabriele himself. From his mouth comes the phrase: "My Oil". This is linked to the name of the oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Francesco Gabriele. The manufacturer's intention is to guarantee its products expressing his personal responsibility in all production processes. But at the same time expresses love for his creation and his deep commitment to interpreting the gifts of nature to mankind.