Farmers produce the food we all eat to survive. They have to earn their business, but if market forces them to make money just by wholeselling at low prices, they will be forced to produce at the lowest cost possible.

People want to be guaranteed the right to food at low prices. In that case, however, the farmer cannot afford to grow optimal agronomic products, because of their high cost. Farmers are like many people, but their work has a great impact on our health and on the preservation of our planet.

What is organic farming? Definitely a cultivation method that follows the rules defined and clearly identified (see link to the page of the certification rules Soil and Health). Today those who follow the method of organic farming have agreed to undergo external controls by agencies authorized by the Italian State. Moreover, the agri-food processing, grown with organic farming methods, is done only in special approved establishments entirely devoted to organic production processes. Saying on the label that a product is organic is a big responsibility. Italian law requires that only proven statements can be written on the labels.

Supporting eco-friendly agriculture means opposition to the choices of those who cultivate paying attention only to economic dynamics. Farmers possess a high potential that can improve our life quality, but that can also compromise the health of everyone and cause irreparable damage to the environment. Controlling and monitoring pollution from a factory is possible, supervising the work of thousands of individual farmers that use harmful chemicals undisturbed, is much more difficult.

I practice organic agriculture. A friend once told me that my choice is comparable to that of a person who chooses not to smoke in a room full of smokers. In response to all this kind of comments, I can say that the right thing to do would be creating areas dedicated exclusively to organic agriculture. Today, however, this still does not happen. A process that radically transforms the way we think agriculture and give due importance to the role of nature is absolutely urgent. The protective hedges (as a barrier to the neighboring non-organic farmers) and the gradual inclusion of beneficial insects that feed on noxious insects may be acceptable compromises.

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